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Configuring widgets in Profiles

To configure existing widgets or to make custom widgets available for use in Profiles, you modify settings in the widgets-config.xml file.

  • Checking out the widgets-config.xml file for Profiles
    The widgets-config.xml files contains configuration settings for each of the widgets supported by Profiles. To update settings in the file, you must check the file out and, after making changes, you must check the file back during the same wsadmin session as the checkout for the changes to take effect.
  • Managing widgets in Profiles
    Configure settings in the widget definition file, widgets-config.xml, when you want to modify the widgets that display in the Profiles application.
  • Configuring the Status Updates widget
    Configure the Status Updates widget to display multiple feeds for a user profile. The widget can be extended to display additional feeds from HCL Connections applications and external services as required.
  • Adding custom widgets to Profiles
    Extend the functionality of the Profiles application by adding custom widgets.
  • Profiles widget attributes
    The following tables list the widget elements that you can configure when enabling, disabling, editing, or moving widgets in the Profiles application. These elements are configured in the widgets-config.xml file.

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