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List of predefined Toolbar objects

Lists all available toolbar groups, menus, placeholders, and commands for Tiny Editors for HCL Connections.

Toolbar Groups

Toolbar groups list one or more menus or commands to be included in the toolbar separated from other options. They may be user defined or be one of the predefined options listed below.

Group ID Contained Items Appearance in TinyMCE Description
undo undo, redo Undo mistakes.
insert insert Insert content.
style styles Choose from preset styles.
emphasis bold, italic, underline, permanentpen, casechange Apply emphasis to content.
align alignment Change block alignment.
listindent ul, ol, checklist, outdent, indent, blockquote Insert lists or change indentation.
format font-menu, formatpainter, removeformat Fine control of formatting.
language language, ltrdir, rtldir Mark sections of the document as in a language or set their text direction.
tools find, accessibility, fullscreen, usersettings Helpful tools.

Toolbar Menus

Menus group multiple commands into one button. Menus contain one or more groups of commands separated by a divider. Menus include the predefined options listed below or custom menus.

Menu ID Contained Items Appearance in TinyMCE Description
insert link, bookmark, fileupload, table, media, pageembed, hr, specialchar Inserting content.
font-menu font-face, font-size, lineheight, font-color, superscript, subscript, strikethrough Special text styling.
usersettings wordcount, spellchecker, autocorrect, capitalization, help User preferences and help.

Placeholders for Connections specific toolbar items

Placeholders are specific to connections and expand into one or more command items conditionally based on the location of the editor.

Placeholder ID Appearance in TinyMCE Description
conn-emoticons The conn-emoticons placeholder provides emoticons in the default editor when available for a location.
conn-insert The conn-insert placeholder provides a list of location specific insert options. For example: Within a community, the Link to Connections Files is shown. This placeholder is normally used as part of a custom insert menu. The example images show the conn-insert menu expanded on a Wiki.
conn-macros The conn-macros placeholder provides a menu listing any macros provided to the default editor. The images show what conn-macros expands to in Wikis.

Command Items

Commands items can be placed in toolbar groups or menus.


Some commands described below are not available in all editors or are only available as part of the usersettings menu.

Toolbar Item ID Appearance in TinyMCE Description
undo Reverse an action that changed the editor content.
redo Reproduces an action that was reversed by undo.
link Opens the link insertion dialog.
bookmark Inserts a bookmark at the cursor position which can be linked to.
fileupload Opens the file/image upload dialog.
table Opens the table insertion menu.
specialchar Opens the special character selector dialog.
media Opens the media embed insertion dialog.
hr Inserts a horizontal rule.
styles Opens the style menu.
bold Applies the bold style to the selection.
italic Applies the italic style to the selection.
underline Applies the underline style to the selection.
strikethrough Applies the strikethrough style to the selection.
superscript Applies the superscript style to the selection.
subscript Applies the subscript style to the selection.
alignment Opens the modify element alignment menu.
ul Changes the selection to an unordered list.
ol Changes the selection to an ordered list.
checklist Inserts a checklist.
indent Adds an indent to the selection.
outdent Removes an indent from the selection.
blockquote Changes the selection to a blockquote.
font-face Select the font-face value from a list.
font-size Controls for changing the font size.
font-color Shows the font color options. For TinyMCE this is displayed as two items, one for the text color and one for highlight color.
lineheight Select the line height value from a list.
formatpainter Copies the formatting from the cursor location and applies the formatting to the selection made afterwards.
permanentpen Applies a preset format.
pageembed Inserts a configurable iframe into the content.
casechange Sets the capitalization of the selected text to upper-case, lower-case, or title-case.
removeformat Removes all formatting from the selection.
find Opens the find and replace dialog.
accessibility Opens the accessibility checker dialog.
fullscreen Toggles full-screen mode.
wordcount Opens the word count dialog.
spellchecker Select the language used by the spellchecker. Note: This feature requires the spelling service to be enabled.
autocorrect See usersettings menu. Toggles auto-correction of commonly misspelled words. Note: This feature requires the spelling service to be enabled. This feature is only available as an item in the usersettings menu.
capitalization See usersettings menu. Toggles auto-capitalization. Note: This feature requires the spelling service to be enabled. This feature is only available as an item in the usersettings menu.
help Shows the help dialog.
language Marks the selected text as a specific language. This changes the language used to spell check the selected section of text.
ltrdir Marks the text direction of the selected text as left to right.
rtldir Marks the text direction of the selected text as right to left.
emoticons Opens the emoticon character selector dialog.
insertdatetime Inserts the current date or time.
nonbreaking Allows inserting non-breaking spaces.
preview Shows a preview of the content in a popup.
print Opens the print dialog for the editor content.
visualblocks Draws boxes around all the block elements.
visualchars Gives invisible characters a background.
codesample Inserts a codesample.

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