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Side-by-side upgrades

You can upgrade to the latest Connections 8.0 CR by installing it in a new environment and then migrating data, configurations, and customizations from the existing production environment before switching over.

The following topics provide planning information and upgrade instructions, including a roadmap.

  • Considerations for a side-by-side upgrade
    Upgrading side-by-side from Connections 7.0 to 8.0 and the latest CR consists of installing Connections 8.0, then upgrading to the latest CR and its supporting software on new systems, and then migrating data and customizations to the new environment.
  • Sample roadmap for a side-by-side upgrade
    The following roadmap is a guide to upgrading to HCL Connections 8.0 CR3 by installing it in a new environment and then migrating data from your existing environment. In this example, the existing environment is Connections 7.0.
  • Migrating data and updating databases
    After you've created your databases in the new environment and installed Connections 8.0 CR3, move the existing Connections data to the new environment. Then update the databases to the Connections 8.0 structure and schema.

Parent topic: Upgrading and updating