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Community on-premises mode configuration

To use the Engagement Center's Community iwidget for HCL Connections on-premises editions, perform the following steps.

  1. Updating the widgets-config.xml file
    Update the Engagement Center's widgets-config.xml file with the settings needed for HCL Connections.
  2. Updating the LotusConnections-config.xml file
    Edit the LotusConnectionsConfig.xml file to add the Connections Engagement Center widget bundle.
  3. Creating string properties files
    Create property files to contain translated strings for when HCL Connections Engagement Center is used in other languages.
  4. Registering the Engagement Center to the Widget Container on the Homepage
    When configuring the Engagement Center for Community mode in HCL Connections, you must register the Connections Engagement Center to the HCL Connections homepage. This procedure is required for HCL Connections 6.0.0 only.
  5. Publishing the community configuration
    Publish the community mode configuration to all servers by executing a script to clear widget caches and synchronize nodes. Then restart all servers.

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