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Creating an MSSQL database

We have included a SQL script file for each supported RDBMS into the Connections Engagement Center Release Package zip file. The SQL scripts can be found in the subdirectory SQLScripts.

Step Instructions

|You might want to change the script file to better fit into your system.

Change the file and path of the database in the script file:

change line 4: C:\Data\MSSQL\ICEC_DATA1.mdf

Change the file & path of the log in the script file:

Change line 6: C:\Data\MSSQL\ICEC_LOG

Change the user for accessing the ICEC database:

Change Connections Engagement Center USER in section -- create user

| |2

|Open a command window and run the following command:

sqlcmd -S <yourserver> -i <path>/Create_ICEC_MSSQL_Database.sql

Close the command window.