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Installing Connections Engagement Center

Configure installation properties and run the installation program to deploy the Connections Engagement Center (CEC).

  1. Populate the file with values from your server.

    If installing in a single-node server, make sure to populate serverName and nodeName.

    If installing in a clustered environment, make sure to specify clusterName.

  2. Make sure Deployment Manager is running and the SOAP port is correct. By default, the installer uses port 8879 to connect wsadmin to the Deployment Manager. This port may vary in some environments.

    If your environment uses a different SOAP port, the installer will fail with the following error:

    WASX7023E: Error creating "SOAP" connection to host "HOST"; exception information: [SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Client; msg=Unable to find a valid IP for host localhost]
    1. Verify your SOAP port: Open the file located in NODE_PROFILE_HOME/properties then look for the port number specified for property and make a note of the port number.

    2. If the port number is different from 8879, update the installer script:

      1. Identify the installer file you are running, which depends on your platform, as follows:

        • If installing on Windows, edit CECInstaller_Windows.bat
        • If installing on Linux, edit
      2. Look for -port 8879 and edit the -port parameter with the one specified in your file and save the file.

  3. Run the installer on the 8.0_installer directory:

    • On Windows, open the command prompt, navigate to the directory, and run CECInstaller_Windows.bat
    • On Linux, open the terminal, navigate to the directory, and run

    Once the installation completes, the CEC app is ready for use. There is no need to restart it.