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Going further

Activities have a few features that you might need a little help finding. Explore your preexisting activities in unexpected ways by trying these tips.

  • Updating membership
    Teams change, and your organization must reflect those changes. Whether you're shifting roles or changing membership, Activities has you covered.
  • Prioritizing activities
    Got an important activity? More important than the others? Prioritize them.
  • Copying an activity
    Have an activity that you want to reuse, but not often enough to warrant a template? Copy it, and you'll be added as the new owner of an exact replica.
  • Creating and editing a template
    Find yourself creating the same activity over and over? Never again. Build a reusable template to save your formatting and membership for later.
  • Linking to a single entry
    Have a favorite entry that you want to save or share? Open an entry as its own web page so you can capture the link.
  • Saving an activity as a spreadsheet
    Need your activity as a spreadsheet? No problem. You can move your content into a spreadsheet by saving the activity as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file.

Parent topic: Using Connections 8.0