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Managing a blog

Are you a blog owner? Learn how to customize your blog, manage blog content, or set blog permissions.

  • Managing roles and permissions
    What you can do with blog settings or content depends on your role. Community owners can expand or restrict members' permissions, and add or remove members.
  • Creating an announcement
    An announcement is a great way to get the word out to your whole community of bloggers. If you are a Blogs site administrator, you can post announcements for all users to see.
  • Managing entries and comments
    As the blog owner, you can view and manage all of the entries and comments in your blog from the Entries page.
  • Editing general blog settings
    Customize the blog name and description, or change how users can interact with the blog.
  • Deleting a blog
    Deleting a blog permanently removes the blog and all its entries. If you are a blog owner, you can delete a blog.
  • Resigning from a blog
    If you no longer want to participate in a blog, you can resign from it. You cannot resign if you are the only blog owner.

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