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Editing general blog settings

Customize the blog name and description, or change how users can interact with the blog.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Blogs then select the My Blogs tab.
  2. Click Settings for the blog that you want to manage.
  3. In the side panel, click General and set the following options:

    Available settings in the General setings page

    • General Settings: Set the basic properties, such as the name, description and how many entries to display (the default value is 25). By default, a blog is active and available to the blog community.
    • Voting (Ideation Blogs only): Modify options for how users vote on ideas in an Ideation Blog. The default is to allow unlimited voting, but you can specify a voting limit per blog user.
    • Internationalization Settings: Set time zones.
    • Comments: Select if you want users to comment on a blog. If you choose to moderate comments, you must review and approve comments before they display in a blog.
    • Default Comment Settings: Set preferences to allow comments for new entries, or to set a time limit so that after a specified number of days the comment field is no longer displayed for an entry. You can also apply these settings to existing entries in the log.
    • Blog Client API: Use this setting if you want to use a third-party editor to create blog entries.
    • When your changes are complete, click Update Blog Settings to publish your changes.

What to do next

Want to manage your blog membership? Update member permissions, and add or remove members in the Authors page.

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