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Get together with people who share your interests.

Working with communities as an external user

If you are an external user you can collaborate fully as a member in the communities that you are a part of. That is, you have access to all the community features (such as community wikis) that other members have access to. However, you cannot own or create a community. For more information about what external users can do, see Connecting with external users.

Getting started

Using your community

For community members, the following topics can help you participate effectively in your community:

Managing your community

For community owners, the following topics are useful in ensuring that your community is relevant, useful, and up-to-date:

  • Adding members to grow your community - Manage community membership, for example by adding, inviting, or removing members, and importing and exporting a membership list. Learn what community owners, members, and non-members can do.
  • Managing your community to keep it relevant - Organize your community and keep it updated. For example, you can review content submitted for approval or flagged as inappropriate; change your community's access level and roles for each app, like your community blog; and move or delete your community.
  • Keeping your apps contemporary - Add apps to your community and to the Highlights page, and manage those apps accordingly. Learn how to manage a community blog or ideation blog, forums, activities, files, rich content, and galleries. You can also get insight into how people use your community with metrics.

  • Getting started
    Find out about communities, then search for the communities you're interested in and join them. If you want to bring people together, you can also start your own community.

  • Members - use your community effectively
    Use community apps, such as Wikis and Blogs, to share information, collaborate with others, and bring your expertise to the community.
  • Owners - manage your community effectively
    Give your community and its members the tools they need to collaborate.

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