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Sharing information in community files

Upload, manage, organize, and collaborate on community files with ease.

Working with files

You can manage content using community files in the following ways:

  • Lock files. Prevent other users from updating selected files.
  • Version control. Quickly see who updated the content and roll back to previous file versions.
  • File organization. Copy, move, and delete files, and use the Trash view to manage deleted content.
  • Draft review. Members can collaborate on shared files and send them through an established review cycle to obtain the approval of selected members of the community.
  • Sharing. Community owners can set the level of access to files for all community members, giving tighter control over who can edit content.
  • Social content management. For example, use tags to categorize content and improve file retrieval, and like files to recommend them to fellow members.
  • Engagement. @Mention other users in comments on documents.