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Building and integrating HCL Leap applications into Connections

With Connections 8.0, you can use HCL Leap to create applications, including but not limited to polls and surveys, for your community. Compared to the old Polls & Surveys app, Leap gives you expanded options for designing the look and feel and functionality of your application. To find out more about using Leap, refer to What is HCL Leap, and how is it used? in the HCL Leap product documentation.

After building your app in Leap, you can integrate it into your Connections community. Every Leap app has a unique URL that you can use to embed the app in an iFrame, for example using the HTML or Rich Content widget on your community's Highlights page. The Leap app displays on your page as interactive and dynamic content — when the app is updated in Leap, its display within the iFrame in Connections syncs with it.

To learn how to insert an iFrame, see Inserting an iFrame.

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