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Mobile mode configuration

To integrate Connections Engagement Center in the Connections mobile app, configure the mobile-config.xml file on the Deployment Manager.

Step Instructions

|Open a command prompt (cmd.exe) and then change to the following directory of the system on which you installed the deployment manager:

app\_server\_root/profiles/dm\_profile\_root/bin| |2

|Enter the following command to start the wsadmin client:

wsadmin -lang jython -user {admin_user_id} -password {admin_password} -port {SOAP_CONNECTIOR_ADRESS_PORT}| |3

|Enter the following command to access the HCL Connections configuration

execfile(| |4

|Check out the mobile config file to a directory of your choice and make a back-up of this file.

MobileConfigService.checkOutConfig ("<directory>", "<cell-name>")| |5

|Open the mobile-config.xml file, locate the <Applications> section, and add the following configuration to that section.

If you have already integrated another application, add the Connections Engagement Center configuration at the end of the section.


/icec/xxxhdpi/home_icec.png /icec/xxhdpi/home_icec.png /icec/xhdpi/home_icec.png /icec/hdpi/home_icec.png /icec/mdpi/home_icec.png /icec/ldpi/home_icec.png /icec/IOS/home_icec_normal.png /icec/IOS/home_icec_normal@2x.png /icec/hdpi/home_icec.png /icec/mdpi/home_icec.png /icec/ldpi/home_icec.png /icec/xxhdpi/home_icec.png {LABEL for Connections Engagement Center} {YOUR_DOMAIN}/xcc/mobile?page={MOBILE_PAGE}


|Locate the `<ApplicationsList>` section, and add the Connections Engagement Center application to this list.


|\(Optional\) To select the Connections Engagement Center as Default Application in the Connections Mobile App, locate the `<DefaultApplication>Updates</DefaultApplication>` section and replace it with the name you used for the `<Application enabled=true name=icec-app>` setting.

<!-- DefaultApplication: The application that the user is taken to after the login. --> 

| |8|(Optional) To hide the navigation or address bar, locate the <ApplicationURL> section and add the following parameter: ibmextintegrated=hideAddressBar or ibmextintegrated=hideNavigation.

ibmextintegrated=hideAddressBar hides just the address. The navigation buttons and action button will remain.

ibmextintegrated=hideNavigation hides the whole navigation bar. The web page must have web-based controls for navigation to provide previous, next, and reload functionality.

For example, to remove the address bar you would create the following URL:<ApplicationURL>https://{YOUR_DOMAIN}/xcc/mobile?page={MOBILE_PAGE}&ibmextintegrated=hideAddressBar</ApplicationURL>

| |9

|Check in the configured file with the following command:

MobileConfigService.checkInConfig(<directory>, <cell-name>)

| |10

|Open the <CUSTOMIZATION_DIR>/mobile directory, then copy the icec folder from of the Connections Engagement Center package's mobile folder to the <CUSTOMIZATION_DIR>/mobile folder.

| |11

|Finally, fully synchronize the nodes first and restart the HCL Connections servers.

| |12

|Now you can use the Connections Engagement Center in the HCL Connections Mobile App on iOS and Android devices.


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