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HCL Connections brings social networking to the enterprise and helps you to communicate, collaborate, and build strong relationships with others. Stay connected from the office or your mobile device. Whether you want to share information, build a network of useful contacts, or follow people, there is an application for you.

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The collaboration hub for today’s workforce.

HCL Connections enables a more effective organization with a powerful enterprise collaboration platform that keeps your teams connected, engaged, and productive.

Connections drives increased engagement and precision — and introduces features and tools to deliver efficient workflow, improve access to resources, and make projects easier to manage.

Reimagined user experience

Improved usability

A clear and consistent design reduces the clicks and steps, saving time and effort. Easier customization allows you to add your most-used applications to the side navigation bar so they're always in reach. You can also tailor the look of the top navigation including: the logo, color, and environment name to reflect your own branding.

Supercharged search

An updated search experience from start-to-find. A simplified search box with a central and constant location so you can run a search from any page in Connections that provides a context-sensitive focus that intuitively adjusts to the current app. There is also a redesigned results page with an intuitive filtering that effortlessly broadens or narrows the scope of your search for more relevant results.

Instant upload and share

Easily share the content that you're viewing, such as a blog post, inside Connections or through integrated services like Microsoft Teams. If you want to quickly share a specific file with someone, just click the upload button.

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