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Editing notification templates

For both the default and CR4 enhanced templates for notifications, you can edit the templates directly to achieve the level of customization you want. The following procedures apply to both sets of templates, and, for the CR4 templates, specific examples are provided.

  • Customizing notifications sent as single emails
    You can customize the standard email messages that are sent by the applications in HCL Connections™, including the auto-generated notifications that are generated by the News application.
  • Customizing email digests
    You can customize the email message that is sent to users as part of the daily and weekly email digests.
  • CR4 notification template reference
    In Connections CR4 and later, the content of individual notifications is defined in templates that are processed by the FreeMarker engine. You can edit these templates directly in any text editor. The FreeMarker version currently used is 2.3.28.

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