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Installing Activities Plus services

Activities Plus in Connections Component Pack uses the existing Component Pack infrastructure, assuming that you have a working Component Pack environment.

Prerequisites for installing Activities Plus are:


  1. Delete existing kudos-boards-cp chart:

    helm uninstall kudos-boards-cp -n connections
  2. Delete existing kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration chart:

    helm uninstall kudos-boards-cp-activity-migration -n connections
  3. Delete existing kudosboard pods (if any):

    kubectl -n connections delete po $(kubectl -n connections get po | grep kudos | awk '{print $1}')
  4. Install chart:

    Follow the instructions in Deploy Boards Helm Chart of the Huddo documentation. Make sure to replace or override the file name of boards-cp.yaml with kudosboard.yml in the helm upgrade command.

  5. Once this is all set, add the following rules to the httpd.conf on your IBM HTTP servers and restart the service:

    # proxy rules for activities plus 
    RewriteRule ^/activities/service/html/(.*)$ /boards/activities/service/html/$1 [R] 
    ProxyPass "/boards" "" 
    ProxyPassReverse "/boards" "" 
    ProxyPass "/api-boards" "" 
    ProxyPassReverse "/api-boards" ""

For more information, see Deploying Huddo Boards into HCL Connections in the Huddo Docs help.

Complete any applicable configuration tasks in Configuring Activities Plus services.

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