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Configuring the Component Pack

Configure the offerings and related components in the Component Pack for HCL Connections™.

  • Configuring the HTTP server
    Set up proxy rules for Customizer, Orient Me, Microsoft Teams integration, Tailored Experience for Communities, Activities Plus, and the Microsoft Outlook add-in for Connections 8.
  • Configuring the Orient Me component
    Additional configuration is required for the Orient Me component to populate it with Connections data and to enable the notification center and a menu option for managing home pages.
  • Configuring the Customizer component
    Configure the Customizer offering of the Component Pack for HCL Connections by setting up a reverse proxy server.
  • Configuring the OpenSearch Metrics component
    Configure the OpenSearch offering of the Component Pack for HCL Connections to provide Metrics data.

Parent topic:Installing or upgrading Component Pack for Connections