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Installing the Tiny Editors Services

Installing the Tiny Editors Services will provide the Tiny editors with spellchecking, link checking and media embedding functionality.

Before you begin: Ensure that you have created an application.conf for the Tiny Editors Services in the correct directory.

  1. Log in to the web interface for your WebSphere Application Server Console.

    The default address is: https://host_name:9043/ibm/console

  2. Click the New Application link.

    New Websphere application link

  3. Click the New Enterprise Application link.

    New enterprise application link

  4. Specify the editorsServices_c6.ear file included in the services directory of the Tiny Editors for HCL Connections package, and click Next.

    Select editorsServices_c6.ear

  5. Select the Fast Path installation option, and click Next.

    Choose "Fast Path"

  6. Click Next to accept the default installation settings.

    Select install options

  7. Map the Tiny Editor Selector to the server running HCL Connections™.

    1. Select all of the modules.

    2. Select the server/cluster/node combinations from the list.

    3. Click Apply.

    4. Click Next.

    Map modules to servers

  8. Click Next to accept the default Virtual host mapping.

    Map virtual hosts for Web modules

  9. Click Finish to complete the application installation.


  10. Once the application has been installed, click the Save link.

    Save changes

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