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Configuring the Tiny Editors Selector roles

Assigning an editor to users or roles is performed by configuring the Tiny Editors Selector service. This step can also be done after installation of Tiny Editors for HCL Connections is complete.

Before you begin: The Tiny Editors Selector service must be started and the editor must be set to 'role-based'.

  1. Log in to the Web interface for your WebSphere Application Server Console.

    The default location for the WebSphere Application Server Console is: https://your-server-here:9043/ibm/console

  2. Navigate to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications.

    Websphere applications link

  3. Find the TinyEditorsSelector in the list of applications and click the TinyEditorsSelector link.

    TinyEditorsSelector link

  4. On the Configuration tab, click the Security role to user/group mapping link.

    "Security role to user/group mapping" link

  5. Select the checkbox in the Select column for either:

    • tinymceforconnections.user to assign the TinyMCE editor.
    • Assign the selected editor by:

    • Clicking Map Users... to assign the editor to individual users.

    • Clicking Map Groups... to assign the editor to a user group. Mapping options
  6. Assign the selected editor to a user or group by:

    1. Using the Search string field to search for the user or group, then click Search to list the results.

      Search for user/group

    2. Select one or more target users or groups from the Available list and press the Right Arrow (->) button to add the selected users or groups to the Selected list. To add additional users or groups, repeat step 7.

      Select and move users/groups

  7. Click OK to set the selected editor for the selected users/groups.

    Accept the user/group choices for the editor

  8. Click OK on the Security role to user/group mapping dialog.

    Accept the user/group choices for both editors

  9. Click Save to save the change.

    Save configuration changes

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