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Downloading the latest version of the Update Wizard (updateInstaller)

Download the latest version of the Update Wizard (updateInstaller) from the HCL Connections™ HCL License & Delivery Portal.

  • The terms "Update Wizard" and updateInstaller are used interchangeably. On the HCL License & Delivery Portal, it's called "Update Wizard." while on the file system, it is called "updateInstaller." In the Connections user interface it is noted as "Update Wizard."

  • Download the updated version as a zip file from the HCL License & Delivery Portal.

  • Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file into a temporary location. The newly extracted Update Wizard will be in the following directory within the temporary location: temporaryLocation/HCL_Connections_Install/tools/updateInstaller

  • Rename the current connections_root/updateInstaller directory. For example, /opt/HCL/Connections/updateInstaller becomes /opt/HCL/Connections/updateInstaller_backup

  • Move the extracted updateInstaller directory and contents to the connections_root location where the prior directory was located.

  • Move existing fixes from connections_root/updateInstaller_backup/fixes to connections_root/updateInstaller/fixes.

Parent topic: Updating Connections 8.0 with the latest fixes