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Uninstalling fixes in interactive mode

If the fix that you installed is not working, you can uninstall it using the update wizard in interactive mode.

Ensure that you have met the following prerequisites:

  • You have restored your databases
  • The WAS_HOME environment variable has been set for Linux® and Windows®

To uninstall fixes with the update wizard in interactive mode, complete the following steps:

  1. From the updateInstaller directory under the connections_root directory, run the following script:

    • Linux:

    • Microsoft® Windows:

  2. On the Welcome panel, click Next to continue.

  3. Choose to uninstall fixes in this panel, click Next to continue.

  4. Select the check boxes of the fixes that you wish to uninstall, and then click Next.

  5. Enter the WebSphere® Application Server Deployment Manager administrator user ID and password and click Next.

  6. Review the information that you have entered. To make changes, click Back. To start uninstalling, click Next.

  7. Review the result of the update. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

At least two logs are created by the wizard under the connections_root/version/log directory:

  • Date_Time_ifix name_application name_uninstall.log
  • Date_Time_ifix name_uninstall.log

Note: Check the <timestamp>_<fix name>_<feature name>_uninstall.log to find "Build Successful" near the end of the file. If this exists, it means you have uninstalled the fixes successfully. Otherwise, uninstall the fix again.