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Accessibility features for HCL Connections

Accessibility features assist users who have a disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology content successfully.

Accessibility features

HCL Connections™ includes the following major accessibility features:

  • Keyboard-only operation
  • Operations that use a screen reader
  • Keys that are discernible by touch but do not activate just by touching them
  • Industry-standard devices for ports and connectors
  • The attachment of alternative input and output devices
  • Screen magnification

To take advantage of accessibility features, use the latest release of your screen reader in combination with the latest web browser that is supported by this product.

Keyboard navigation

Most keyboards have a Menu key, otherwise known as an Apps key, that functions as right-click. JAWS specifies the key combination of NUMPAD STAR for this purpose.

To display a person's business card, press Enter on the user name link to open the business card. Focus moves to the Profiles element in the business card.

For JAWS users: To activate buttons in the user interface, press the Enter key, even when JAWS announces to use the space bar.

In the HCL Connections banner, Profiles, Communities, Apps, and the user image launch dialogs. Use the Tab key to navigate through the options.

Hiding block quotes in forums : In a Connections forum, you can adjust the way automatic block quotes appear, and avoid having to navigate past block quotes. Click the Conversations button in the Topic Navigation region on the forum topic page to rearrange forum posts by reply thread and hide the automatic block quotes.

Interface information

The HCL Connections user interfaces do not have content that flashes 2 - 55 times per second.

The HCL Connections web user interfaces rely on cascading style sheets to render content properly and to provide a usable experience. The application provides an equivalent way for low-vision users to use a user's system display settings, including high-contrast mode. You can control font size by using the device or web browser settings.

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