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URL protocol rules (whitelists)

Whitelist active content for HCL Connections™ based on the protocol specified within URLs.

The URL protocol rules specify which protocols are allowed within the HTML source code of uploaded content. URL protocols appear within a variety elements, such as:

  • The href attribute in <a> and <area> tags
  • The src attribute in <iframe>, <img>, <audio>, and <video> tags
  • The cite atttribute in <q> tags

Some URL protocols are disallowed by default; for example, the irc:// and telnet:// protocols are not allowed. Any URLs that contain disallowed protocols are stripped from the content before it is uploaded.

The following protocols are allowed by default: http, https, mailto, ftp, and tel.

The following rules can be used to tailor the allowed protocols to your needs; these rules can be used in conjunction with one another.

allowStandardUrlProtocols : Allows URLs containing any of the following (default) protocols:

-   `http`
-   `https`
-   `mailto`
-   `ftp`
-   `tel`


<allowStandardUrlProtocols enabled="true" />

To allow a different set of URL protocols, apply the allowUrlProtocols rule instead.

allowUrlProtocols : Allows URLs containing only protocols that you specify with this rule. Use this rule when you only want to whitelist a small set of URL protocols. This rule can be used in conjunction with AllowStandardUrlProtocols.



<protocol name="ftp" />
<protocol name="tel" />
<protocol name="notes" />
<protocol name="file" />

disallowUrlProtocols : Allows you to reverse an earlier "allow" rule.


        <protocol name="javascript" />
        <protocol name="vbscript" />

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