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Disabling SAML to validate fully functioning integration for third party servers

HCL Connections™ can incorporate many services into Social Business Platform. It is necessary to isolate system-wide security features to validate whether third party servers, such as FileNet® servers, can be deployed properly as a fully functional integrated server with Connections prior to enabling the SAML protection.

Make a record of the exact configuration of custom properties for the SAML TAI by accessing the WebSphere® Application Server Integrated Solutions Console Global security > Trust association > Interceptors. This setting also can be found in thesecurity.xml file, for which you should make a backed-up copy before making any changes.

  1. Select and delete the SAML TAI

  2. Disable SAML TAI, but leave OAuth TAI enabled as follows:

    1. Set InvokeTAIbeforeSSO properties to only.

    2. Remove DeferTAItoSSO properties.

  3. Run Full Resynchronize for all nodes, and then restart all application server instances.

Parent topic:Configuring SAML redirection services for web SSO