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Reviewing the Seedlists Validation tab

The Seedlists Validation tab validates that the application seedlists can be accessed for search engine crawling.

Checking that the application seedlists are available

Inaccessible seedlists mean that content that is not searchable from the service. A request is sent to each application to verify that the seedlist is accessible. Accessible seedlists are highlighted in a green text box. If there is a problem with the service, and no seedlist is accessible this is highlighted in a red text box. Use your browser to view the page for the inaccessible seedlist. For more information, see Validating seedlists using the browser. Accessing seedlists through a browser can also help you detect authentication issues. Also, review the log file for the affected service to identify and fix any exceptions.

Parent topic:Analyzing results from the search serverStatus page

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