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Integrating with other products

You can integrate HCL Connections applications with other products and features.

Extend HCL Connections to work with the following products:


  • For any of these features, install HCL Connections first.
  • Be sure that you configure HCL Connections to display email addresses. If you hide email addresses, the extensions will not function, with the exception of the connectors for Communities.

  • Connections Engagement Center
    Connections Engagement Center provides the corporate office, management, and workforce with a single user experience for all communications, as well as a state of the art enterprise social collaboration features and the possibility of adding custom applications. All this runs at the office and on all mobile devices, so the entire workforce – from CEO to intern – can access this most valuable tool regardless of where they are, what their role is, or what devices they prefer.

  • Installing integration plug-ins for HCL Connections
    Access and update your Connections content from other applications.
  • Using the HCL Connections desktop plug-ins for Microsoft Windows
    Use this plug-in to upload and work with files in IBM® Connections from Microsoft™ Windows™ Explorer and Microsoft Office.
  • Using file sync for HCL Connections for Mac
    Use HCL Connections for Mac to keep local files in sync with copies of those files on the server.
  • Using the Connections plug-in for Microsoft Office
    Use the plug-ins to share files and information between Microsoft™ Windows™ applications and HCL Connections or HCL Connections Cloud.
  • Using the HCL Connections Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
    The power of Connections from your Outlook inbox. Use the Connections Add-in for Microsoft™ Outlook to work with Connections content from within your Outlook inbox.
  • The Connections community app for Microsoft Sharepoint
    As a Microsoft SharePoint administrator you can register the Sharepoint app with Microsoft Azure and edit its configuration file in HCL Connections to make it available for your organization.
  • Using plug-ins from HCL Connections with other products
    Get help using the plug-ins that integrate the capabilities of HCL Connections with other products.