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HCL Connections Add-in for Microsoft® Outlook

The power of Connections from your Outlook inbox. Use the Connections Add-in for Microsoft® Outlook to work with Connections content from within your Outlook inbox.

You can perform the following actions within the Connections Add-in for Outlook plug-in:

  • Upload Outlook emails and attachments to Connections Files, Activities or Wikis, or directly as a status post.
  • When composing a message, search Connections Profiles for a name and insert it into one of the address fields.
  • Find and share Connections files with recipients by attaching as a link in an email, ensuring everyone is using the same version.
  • Upload files from your computer to Connections and share with recipients by attaching as a link in an email.

The Outlook Add-in is available as part of Connections Component Pack or as a standalone installation.

Adding the HCL Connections Add-in to Outlook

The HCL Connections Add-in for Microsoft-based add-in platform. The Connections Add-in does not have any code physically installed on the user’s Outlook client. For more information on the Outlook add-in framework, see Outlook add-ins overview

Note: The Connections Add-in is not available from the Microsoft Outlook Add-ins store. Your administrator will make the Connections Add-in available to you within Outlook, or provide instructions on how to load the add-in.

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