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Publishing local drafts

Publish updates to your files from Explorer or from the Drafts monitor.

If you change a local version of a file that you posted to Connections, you can publish your changes as a new version of the file. Publish a new version from Explorer, or use the Files monitor to view all drafts and publish changes.

Publishing drafts from Explorer

  • If you have editor access, you can publish your local draft as a new version. Right-click the file and choose Publish local draft. You are prompted to add an optional message and choose whether to notify others by email.
  • To discard the changes that you made to this file, right-click the file and choose Delete local draft. You are notified that the changes you made to the draft will be discarded.
  • To upload a new version, right-click a file and choose Upload New Version. Browse for a file to upload as a new version.

Publishing drafts from the Drafts monitor

When you download a file from Connections and edit the file, a notification message in the system tray informs you that a new draft was created. You can view all of your files in the draft state from the Drafts monitor. From the monitor, you can open a draft, publish your changes to Connections, or delete a draft.

  1. Click the HCL Connections icon in the system tray to open the Drafts monitor. The Drafts monitor lists all of the files you have with unpublished changes.
  2. Right-click a draft and select one of the following to work with a draft:
    • Open draft to open a local copy of the file for editing.
    • Publish to publish your changes as a new version of the file. You are prompted to add an optional change summary. People with whom you shared the file are notified that the file was changed. The notification is enabled by default, but you can disable it.
    • Delete draft to permanently remove the local draft. Deleting a draft does not affect the version of the file that is published to IBM® Connections.

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