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Setting preferences for libraries

Set preferences that control how you interact with library files.

Preferences control default behavior for what happens when you check a file into a library or open a library file.

  1. Right-click the server name in the navigation pane and choose Preferences.

  2. Choose the Libraries page.

  3. Specify what should happen when you add a file to the library:

    • Always check in documents uploads the file and makes it available to library users.
    • Always add as private drafts uploads the file as a draft. Only you can see and work with drafts until you check them in. To check in a draft, open the file summary page for the draft and click Check In.
    • Prompt me allows you to choose for each file.
    • Specify what should happen when you double-click a library file:

    • Always check out checks out and locks the file. No one else can edit the file while it is checked out

    • Always open without checking out opens the file for you to view but does not lock it.
    • Prompt me allows you to choose for each file whether to open it or check it out.

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