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Setting preferences for the Mac plug-in

You can view or edit preferences to customize HCL Connections for Mac for your needs.

After you connect to HCL Connections or Connections Multi-tenant site, you can interact with that site from the Finder window or the HCL Connections icons in the Dock and the menu bar.

  1. Open HCL Connections for Mac by clicking the icon in the Dock or locating and clicking it in the Applications folder of your Finder window.

  2. Right-click on the HCL Connections icon in the Dock or the menu bar and select Preferences from the menu. The preferences window appears with the Accounts pane displayed.

  3. Click the Advanced tab to view the advanced preferences.

  4. Specify file extensions that sync should ignore when changes are made.

  5. Click Enable Logging to view a record of plug-in activities.

    Locate the log file in/Users/{USER_NAME}/Library/Application Support/ The file name is Sync <date>.

  6. Click Enable Beta Features to access features that are available for preview but are not yet fully supported.

    Note: This feature might be disabled by your administrator.

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