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Working with Office documents in a library

Libraries enable Community members to upload, manage, organize and collaborate on files shared on the FileNet Document Management system. A community can contain multiple Libraries.

Note: Interaction with libraries from Microsoft Office is only available when you are connecting to a HCL Connections server. This feature is not supported on Connections Cloud.

When the HCL Connections Content Manager add-on is deployed on a Connections server, community owners can create community libraries directly in Office. Community libraries provide owners and members with the content management capabilities and enhanced social features.

  • Navigate to a Library in the HCL Connections namespace extension and Open a Microsoft Office document. Then, click IBM Connections on the Office ribbon. Choose from one of the following File Actions options:

    Action Description
    Check out Members can check out files and edit them using private drafts. Checked out files are locked to prevent other users from making updates at the same time. Making changes to a library file creates a new local draft. You are notified about the draft in the Library Drafts Monitor.
    Check in After you are done editing a file, choose Check in. Your changes are uploaded to the server and the file is unlocked so that others can edit it.
    Upload draft Choose Upload draft to upload the updated file and update the draft on the server.
    Share Choose Share to change default sharing settings on this file.
    Comments To provide feedback on the file, click Comments to open the file in a browser so that you can add a comment.
    Open in Browser Click Open in browser to view the file in Connections. You then have full access to all of the supported features for working with library files.
    Properties Click Properties to view and edit properties for the document.
    Links Copy or send a link to the browser version of the document. - Send URL generates an email with a link to this document.
    - Copy URL copies the URL to the clipboard so you can paste it into a message or document.

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