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Installing and configuring Connections Engagement Center

This section provides instructions for upgrading an existing XCC Web Content Management Extension to the Connections Engagement Center. For fresh installations, instructions are provided for planning, creating a database, installing, and then configuring the Engagement Center. Also included are browser links to access the various modes of Connections Engagement Center, and instructions for uninstalling Connections Engagement Center.

  • Upgrading
    The following instructions guide you as you upgrade from the Highlights application to Connections Engagement Center.
  • Planning
    Consider the system requirements, including which versions of Connections are supported, browser requirements, and modes of operations suitable for your environment and requirements.
  • Creating a database
    Connections Engagement Center provides SQL scripts to create a database. Before you begin, download and extract the installation files to a local directory such as /opt/software/XCC-Installer. Then follow the instructions in this section for creating a database using DB2, MSSQL, or Oracle.
  • Installing
    The Connections Engagement Center Application can be installed on WebSphere Application Server as well as on a WebSphere Application Server cluster. If you want to have Connections Engagement Center logs separated from other HCL Connections logs, create a new WebSphere Application Server.
  • Configuring
    Configure context roots, paths, themes, backups, and modes of access. Add a link to the navigation bar, include a birthday widget, and customize labels for languages. You can personalize widgets, edit the HCL Connections proxy configuration for the iFrame widget and Clipping, configure the landing page, rebuild the search index, import and export XML files, and configure for Internet Explorer compatibility mode.
  • Debugging
    Debug any page by first enabling debugging and then appending a parameter to any Connections Engagement Center URL.
  • URLs to access Connections Engagement Center
    Here are the browser links to access the various modes of HCL Connections Engagement Center.

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