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Publishing the community configuration

Publish the community mode configuration to all servers by executing a script to clear widget caches and synchronize nodes. Then restart all servers.

Step Instructions

|Open a Windows shell (cmd.exe) and execute following script.

Note: Alternatively, you may clear widget caches in Connections with an Connections administrative account and synchronize the nodes afterwards in the ISC. You will need to restart all Connections servers:


cd C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\bin wsadmin -lang jython -user -password

''' clear widgets cache ''' execfile("") NewswidgetCatalogService.clearwidgetCaches()

''' synchronize active nodes ''' dmgr = AdminControl.queryNames(type=DeploymentManager,*) if dmgr: print Please wait, until the nodes have been synchronized. nodes = AdminControl.invoke(dmgr, syncActiveNodes, true) print The following nodes have been sucessfully synchronized. - + str(nodes) else: print An error occured please check your server, whether there is an active node.


| |2

|Restart all Connections servers to publish the configuration to the Connections applications.


Congratulations! You have configured HCL Connections to work with IBM Engagement Center's community mode.

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