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Connections Engagement Center is a single, accessible hub for organizational news and content within HCL Connections, enabling users to create and manage web content efficiently. People get engaged with finding, creating, owning, and promoting content to improve intranet communication. All content can be found in one place. Communication and collaboration are on the same page or one click away. Connections Engagement Center makes it simple and easy for users to create content; there's no need for multiple systems to create and publish content. This documentation explains and describes role concepts, site structure, functions of the various Connections Engagement Center features and their usage and configuration.

  • Get started
    Connections Engagement Center makes it easy way to build a social intranet by creating a portal-like experience using various out-of-the-box and custom widgets. Engagement Center does not have its own content store, but aggregates content from different backend systems. Mostly, HCL Connections is the back-end system, since it is the underlying foundation for a set of key Engagement Center services, such as user authentication and authorization, personalization, top-level navigation, and news.
  • Roles
    Connections Engagement Center has multiple user roles that provide increasing levels of access.
  • Adding the Communities widget to your organization Adding the Engagement Center widget to a Community
    Organization administrators must first add the Connections Engagement Center extension for Communities to their organization. The extension makes the Connections Engagement Center widget available so that Community owners can add it to a Community. Community owners can add the Connections Engagement Center widget to a Community in the same way they would add any other widget or app by using the Community Actions menu.
  • Admin dashboard
    The Admin Dashboard is reachable through the URL: [your_domain]/xcc/admin apps.[yourLocale] You will find system configurations there, so be careful with that. For example, North American users would use
  • Admin panel
    This section describes creating custom grids and layouts and CSS for all pages. If you are Admin, you can reach the Admin panel on every Connections Engagement Center page by clicking the Customize button.
  • Embedded experience
    The following widgets have an embedded experience:
  • Anonymous access
    Please make sure, that you configured the Connections Engagement Center for anonymous access.
  • FlyOut page
    The Connections Engagement Center FlyOut Page is managed by the admin or Page Editor. The FlyOut Page may contain any of the over 30 Connections Engagement Center widgets and is available anywhere in Connections. You only need to move your mouse over this icon.
  • Personalization
    Within the individual widgets, personalization can be activated. Upon activation there is the option to configure different channels for different values of a profile. Additionally it is possible to choose a default channel.
  • Personalize homepage
    In the Connections Engagement Center-Settings tab in the admin panel you can personalize the homepage. The source must be an existing Connections Engagement Center page.
  • Creating a custom widget with the custom widget API
    You can copy an existing widget or modify an existing widget to create a new widget using the custom widget API. You can upload a JavaScript file to have access to the Connections Engagement Center. This is necessary for the Custom widget API. The widget API is the only API and where JavaDoc-level documentation is stored.
  • Functions - fields - buttons
    There are different fields and buttons available in the configuration options.
  • Best practices
    Most of the content displayed by Connections Engagement Center pages will be created and maintained within HCL Connections. Therefore we provide some useful best practices in this area to guide your editorial teams to an effective content creation process.

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