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My Communities

Displays all the communities the user is a member of. Each user will see a different result set in the widget, depending on his personal Community memberships.

If a tile has been clicked, the community will be opened in a new browser tab. If a tile is hovered, a tag icon will appear in the top right corner of the tile.

My Communities widget

If the tag icon has been clicked, the community description will be shown if provided. A page size can be set to define the amount of displayed communities per page in the pagination.

Community description will be shown when clicked.

my communties tiles in a grid

Each community is displayed as a tile that shows the communities icon and the name of the community. Clicking the community will open it in a new tab. Hovering and clicking the appearing badge icon in the top right corner will turn the tile and display the community description if available.

If more Communities are available than fitting to one page, a pager is created allowing the user to see the next page of communities.

Configuration options for Admin/Page Editor

  • Widget height
  • Widget page size
  • Number of communities per page

Congifuring community members widget