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Creating an activity

The first step of any activity is its creation. You can start from scratch, copy an existing one, or reuse a template.

Start a brand new activity

  1. In the menu bar, click Apps > Activities.
  2. Click Start an Activity.
  3. Enter an activity name.
  4. Add a Tag to make finding the content easier in the future.
  5. Search and add a member and their role. You may also opt to do this later.
  6. Add an Activity Goal and Due date.
  7. You can also choose an existing activity Template.
  8. Click Save.

Copy an existing activity

Have an activity that you want to reuse, but not often enough to warrant a template? Copy it for a single use.

  1. Open the activity.
  2. Click Activity Actions, and then click Copy Activity.
  3. Keep, change, or delete the content.

Save an existing activity as a template

Found an activity that you just love? Save it as a template, then reuse it as many times as you need.

  1. Open the activity.
  2. Click Activity Actions > Copy as New Template.

Next steps

Now that you've laid out the skeleton, it's time to put some meat on those bones. Try adding some to-dos next.

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