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Getting started

Ready to begin? Here are the basics, step by step.

  • Creating an activity
    The first step of any activity is its creation. You can start from scratch, copy an existing one, or reuse a template.
  • Doing more with a to-do
    Try assigning to-do items to team members so you can manage project goals. Later, if you don't want to expand all those sections to look for a single item, you can view all to-dos from the To-Do List tab.
  • Doing more with an entry
    Entries are the most flexible components of an activity. They can be made to fit any situation by using custom fields.
  • Organizing content
    Sections and entries chunk content into manageable portions, and they're good at it. Try grouping by name, due date, or content type.
  • Notifying your members
    Members don't automatically receive notifications from your activity. You can manually notify each member of an update, or have all your members follow the activity to get routine updates.

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