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Going further

Need some extra help? These topics cover tasks that you may not be able to figure out on your own.

  • Importing bookmarks from a web browser
    Import bookmarks that you saved in your web browser from the My Bookmarks page with the import tool.
  • Exporting bookmarks to a file
    Export bookmarks to a file that can then be imported into a browser or shared with someone who does not use Bookmarks.
  • Creating a feed from a Bookmarks view
    You can subscribe to a feed to make a collection of bookmarks available to you in a feed client of your choosing so that you can access bookmarks without having to use the Bookmarks site. You can also use the feeds to integrate Bookmarks content into other web sites or applications.
  • Adding a bookmark list to a web page
    Embed a Bookmarks page in a web page to make it available to site users.

Parent topic:Using Connections 8.0