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Adding members to grow your community

Add members to make your community flourish. You can also invite people to join the community. If the community is moderated, you can decide whether to accept or reject incoming membership requests. To add multiple members, use the import tool on the Members page.

External users

You might need to collaborate with people from outside your organization (external usersExternal user icon). If your community is restricted and allows external access, you can add people from outside your organization. External users can't be added to groups.

  • Adding or removing members
    Extend your community by adding new members. You can add people as either Members or Owners.
  • Inviting people to join
    Reach out to people who you think might be interested in your community by inviting them to become members. The invitees receive an email that invites them to join.
  • Importing multiple members
    Add or invite multiple people to join your community using a series or spreadsheet file containing their email addresses.
  • Exporting community membership
    Exporting community membership to a comma-separated value (CSV) file (called membership.csv) is useful when you want to create a community with the same owners or members as another community. Instead of adding the members manually to the new community, you can import them easily.
  • Membership roles - who does what
    The actions that people can perform in a community depend on the role that they're assigned. Find out what owners or members can do.

Parent topic:Owners - manage your community effectively

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