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Joining a community to contribute your expertise

Share what you know and inspire others by joining a community that interests you.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Communities and select the Discover tab.
  2. Select the community that you'd like to join, then depending on the community type, do one of the following:
    • To join a public community, open the community and click Join this Community.
    • To join a moderated community, open the community and click Request to Join this Community. Then, make a request to join.
    • To join a restricted community, you must be invited. To see if you are invited to any restricted communities, click the Invited tab, then accept or decline the invitation.

Note: Want to keep tabs on a community? Consider following the community to get notified of updates. For more information, see Viewing updates in your community.

What happens next?

That depends:

  • If your request to join a community is approved, you are notified in Connections and by email.
  • When you join a public community, you can see it in the I’m a Member view. For more information on filtering views, see Searching for and browsing in communities.
  • When you request to join a moderated community, it displays in the I’m a Member view only after your membership is approved.

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