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Viewing metrics reports

See at glance how people are using HCL ConnectionsHCL Connections™ Cloud.

Viewing community level or organization global level reports

  1. View either organization level or community level reports:
    • Global level. Log on as administrator and select Metrics from the navigation bar.
    • Community level. Navigate to the desired community's Overview page and click Metrics in the community navigation.
  2. Choose one of the following report types in the navigation pane:
    • People: Tracks the users who visit ConnectionsConnections Cloud.
    • Participation: Tracks actions in such as file downloads or profile updates.
    • Content: Tracks information that is shared in apps such as files and wikis.
  3. Drill down into reports using any of the following options:
    1. Sort the display by type by clicking View all metrics and selecting a category.
    2. Change the reporting period by clicking on or sliding to an interval, for example Last 7 days.
    3. Switch between a table and a chart by clicking Show table or Show chart .
    4. Drill into metrics for a specific app by selecting that app or view metrics for the community as a whole by selecting Community Overall Total.
    5. Focus on a data point by clicking it to display more data.

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