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Sharing in Connections

HCL Connections allows user to share Connections content, files, or links instantly to specific people, communities, or to applications such as Microsoft Teams.

This feature is a great way to share any page in Connections, such as in these situations:

  • Sharing a public blog article, wiki page, or forum topic with colleagues
  • Sharing a community page with members of that community

Sharing in Connections can be easily done by clicking on the Share button in the title bar. This will give you the options:

  • Share in Connections: to share files, updates or links within Connections.
  • Share in Microsoft Teams: to share files, updates or links in MS Teams.


    • If your deployment includes MS Teams integration, additional details can be found in Using Connections and Microsoft Teams together section.
    • The use of the Share feature with MS Teams requires for the Component Pack to be configured properly. .

You can then search or type in the name of the people or communities you wish to share information with in the window that will come up. You can also choose to write a message that will be included along with the page you are sharing before clicking on the Share button.

For content shared in Connections only, the recipient will receive a notification that the link has been shared with them, and the link and message will be visible in their Activity Feed.

Note: Recipients need to have permission to view the content you share with them. Using the Share button does not grant them any permissions. If additional permissions to view the files or other content being shared is required, navigate to the File, Page, or Community to grant the appropriate permissions.

You can use the Upload button to share specific files. To upload a file for sharing, refer to Uploading a file.

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