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Shared features

Shared features are components that are available in most HCL Connections™ apps.

  • Searching Connections
    Need to find someone or something? Use the search box in the title bar to search through HCL Connections.
  • Sharing in Connections
    HCL Connections allows user to share Connections content, files, or links instantly to specific people, communities, or to applications such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Exporting app content as a PDF
    You can export an HCL Connections activity, blog, forum, or wiki (or portions of it) as a .pdf file, and then download or print the contents.
  • Using the rich text editor
    Use the rich text editor to create visually interesting blog posts, wiki articles, forum topics, and activity entries. The rich text editor is also used in Communities, Events, and Profiles.
  • What are @mentions and #hashtags?
    Use @mentions to notify others of your posts, and use #hashtags to make it easier to search and filter your posts.
  • Tagging content
    A tag is a descriptive keyword that you assign to content. Use tags to organize content and make it easier to find.
  • Moderating content
    Moderate content to ensure that only appropriate, relevant content is being shared on your site.
  • Subscribing to feeds
    Subscribe to feeds to receive updates about applications and users that matter to you.
  • Viewing metrics
    Use metrics to view a table or chart that shows how people are using HCL Connections.

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