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Tagging content

A tag is a descriptive keyword that you assign to content. Use tags to organize content and make it easier to find.

When should you use tags?

You can use tags for all HCL Connections™ applications. Use a tag whenever you share something, update your profile, or visit a wiki or community. For example, if you work in human resources, you could tag your profile with human_resources. Or, if you wrote a blog post about cyber security, you could tag it with encryption, cyber_security, anti-virus.

Tip: If your organization deployed Touchpoint, an application to help you get started using Connections, your interests must be entered in tag format (using hypens or underscores if more than one word, for example, human-resources or business_development). Interests that you enter in Touchpoint become tags in your profile.

Viewing tags

You can view the tags in the tag collection as a list or a cloud. The list view displays ten tags, with a number indicating the amount of times that tag has been used. The cloud view displays fifty tags, with the more frequently used tags appearing in a larger and bolder font. Click Cloud or List in the tag collection to switch the display.

Searching with tags

Quickly search for keywords that interest you with tags. Click on a tag name from the list or cloud to search for content with the same tag. Or, click Find a tag in the tag collection and type in a keyword.

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