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Filtering search results

Filter the results that display on the search results page to quickly find the information you need.

Filtering results

From the search results page, choose one or more of the following options to filter your results:

  • Search within a specific application, or for status updates. All Contents is selected by default. To filter results to one or more applications, select the app name, for example Communities, People, or Bookmarks. For status updates, select Status Updates.

    Note: If your organization has not deployed Component Pack, you cannot filter to more than one application at the same time.

  • Use the drop-down filters to further refine your search. The filters available vary depending on the app or apps that you select.

  • Click People to display only the results that are associated with a given person.
  • Click Tags to search the results for specific tags or keywords. This app displays up to 50 of the tags associated with your search results. Click a tag to display any results that contain that tag. Select a related tag from the Related Tags area if you want to further refine your search.
  • Click Dates to display only those results that are associated with a specified year or month. This app displays up to 250 of the dates associated with your search results.
  • Click Trending to view the latest hot topics in your organization. This app displays only when you select the Status Updates filter, and only in standard Connections deployments (without Component Pack). It displays up to 50 of the hottest trends associated with your search results.

Good to know

  • When you select the Communities filter, you see an additional drop-down filter, Everything from Communities. If you want to limit your results to a list of the communities relevant to your search term, select Communities from the drop-down. If you want results that return relevant content within the communities, select Content in Communities.

  • In whatever app or apps you're filtering on, if you want to limit search results to people or things whose names contain your term, select the Find in Title/Name only checkbox.

Note: These tips apply only if your deployment includes Component Pack.

Still can't find it?

Instead of just words, try entering advanced search terms.

If you're using a standard Connections deployment (without Component Pack), try performing an advanced search.

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