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Managing files and folders

Organize your files using folders, drag and drop to quickly move files or folders, and assign a new owner for files that you own.

  • Using folders
    Organize and share files easily using folders. For example, you can add files to folders that you have Editor or Owner access to.
  • Finding files fast
    Quickly find files using search, filtering options, and views in Files.
  • Moving files and folders
    Move one or multiple files and folders easily from one location to another. For files, you must have Owner or Editor access to the file and the destination folder. For folders, you must have Owner or Editor access to the file, source folder, and destination folder.
  • Transferring a file to a new owner
    You can transfer one or more files that you own to a different owner, provided that the files aren't community files.
  • Deleting files and folders
    Delete files and folders for you or for everyone.
  • Downloading folders
    You can download a compressed copy of a folder’s contents to a specified location. Downloading folders is disabled by default. If you need this function, contact your administrator.

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