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Locking forums and forum topics

Lock a forum to prevent users from contributing to the forum or updating existing posts. If you do not want to lock an entire forum, you can control access at topic level by locking forum topics.

You must be the Forums administrator or the forum owner to lock a stand-alone forum or a topic in a stand-alone forum. To lock a community forum or community forum topic, you must be a community owner or the Forums administrator.

  • To lock a forum, select Forum Actions > Lock Forum.

    The forum is marked as locked to advise users that they cannot contribute to the forum. As the forum owner, you can still edit content in the forum.

  • To unlock a forum, open the forum and select Forum Actions > Unlock Forum

  • To lock a forum topic, click Lock Topic.

    The topic is marked as locked. Users can still read the topic and responses but cannot add or edit anything in the thread. As the forum owner, you can still edit a locked topic and post replies to it even though the topic remains locked for everyone else. For example, if a topic contains inappropriate content, you can lock the topic and then delete or edit replies without having to reopen the topic.

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