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Pinning forum topics

Highlight or prioritize important topics by pinning them. When you pin a topic, it stays at the beginning of that forum's topic listing to ensure that it receives attention from forum users.

You must be the forum owner or the Forums administrator to pin a topic in a stand-alone forum. To pin a topic in a community forum, you must be a community owner or the Forums administrator.

Pinning a topic makes that the topic easy to find in a large forum. For example, if you are posting a topic that contains details about an important event, then you can pin the topic so that users can find it easily. Pinned topics are marked with a thumbtack Pinned topic icon icon.

Note: When you pin a topic in a community forum and the community contains multiple forums, the pinned topic is not displayed at the head of the Topics tab on the Forums page. You must open the forum from the Forums tab to see pinned topics at the head of the forum.

  1. To pin a forum topic, complete the following steps:
  2. Open the topic that you want to pin.

  3. Click Pin this Topic under the topic.

Select Unpin this Topic to restore it to its regular place in the sequence of topics.

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