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How do I find wiki pages?

There are several ways to find pages in a wiki. When a wiki page is renamed, the URL changes but you can still open the page by clicking on a page with the original name.

  1. From the navigation bar, click Wikis and select the wiki you want to search in.
  2. Complete any of the following actions:

    • To find a page in the page hierarchy: Click the arrow next to the page name to expand the pages in the sidebar.
    • To find a page by using a tag: In the Tags area, click a tag in the tag cloud or list.
    • To search for pages: Perform a search to look for the wiki page by name, and filter your search results to quickly find the page.
    • To find pages by title:
    • Click Index and expand the Pages section.
    • Click Go to Page, and then enter keywords that are found in the wiki page.

    • To find pages that you edited:

    • Click Index and expand the Pages section.
    • Click I Edited.

    • To find pages that a wiki member edited:

    • Click Index and expand the Pages section.
    • Click Edited by. Enter a name or email address, and then select that name or email address.

    • To find pages by date created:

    • Click Index and expand the Date section.
    • Click a time period to show pages that were created or updated during that period, for example the Last 30 days.

Finding a page that is renamed

When you change the name of a wiki page, the URL is changed. But when someone clicks on a link with the original name, they are redirected to the new URL. If there are two or more pages that carried the original URL, and you click on the original URL of a renamed page, then two (or more) pages will be displayed.

You can open the page or pages with the original name or the new one.

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