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Managing versions of a wiki page

When you create a page, an initial version is created. Then each time a wiki member edits the page, a new version is created. With these versions you can restore your previous work, see what's changed from one version to another, or delete a version.

To see the versions of a wiki page, open the page and click the Versions tab. The page displays a chronological list of versions with details such as the version number, when it was edited, the person who made the edits, and a link to each version. You can manage the versions in the following ways:

  • View older versions. Click View for the version you want to check. You can easily switch from one version to another this way.
  • Compare versions. Check the differences between two versions by selecting which versions you want to compare and clicking Show comparison.
  • Restore a version. If you own a page, or have Editor or Owner access to it, you can restore an older version by clicking Restore. The restored version becomes the current one that others can update.
  • Delete a version. If you own a page, you can also delete versions. In the Delete all versions prior to version section, select the scope of the deletion then click Delete.

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